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about Bigfoot

The hollywood media machine has been in a marketing frenzy for the past few years creating shows about the “do he” or “do he don’t” existence of a humanoid critter that has been assigned the title of “Bigfoot”. ‘Ol Big lives and loves in the backwoods, way past the end of the gravely roads and for all of the typical hollywood theatrics presented, these programs do have a semi-educational factor. For example I did not know before that the world of Bigfoot, like their cousins in the supernatural show department, exists in shades of “FLIR” green and that ghosts only work second shift.

Most of us have had some occurrence during our lives that left us scratching our heads and asking ourselves: “what was that”? But now we have many venues to compare our experiences with those of other head scratchers.

I’ve had my own encounters with things that go bump and I’ve reached the conclusion that the supernatural world is, in fact, just plain natural. A broad scope of phenomena that we just don’t understand yet. I think many of the experiences portrayed occur everywhere all the time even in our daily lives but they are more easily perceived in remote places because out there our senses are more expanded and receptive without the distractions of drive time traffic.

My one experience, that might possibly fit into the Bigfoot encounter box, is there simply because I don’t know what else to call it or where else to put it. Not a sighting, only a sound that roiled the midnight air.

A friend and I were night hunting coyotes up on the grasslands near Black Creek Lake north of Decatur when we heard it. The afternoon before had been pummeled with the comings and goings of thunder storms that had continued throughout the evening. As midnight approached lightning flickered in a strange maniacal dance within low hanging clouds as thunder muttered in the distance while the ragged, gusting wind hissed and moaned around us. We left the mud covered jeep at the cattle guard and walked quietly along the few hundred yards of dirt road that leads down to the lake. About halfway we stopped and stood in silence, immersed in the night and facing away from the rising wind and into a tree line of black on black forest and thick brush about thirty yards in front of us.

I would do the calling and my friend Betz would handle the spot light. We had stopped using a gun many years before. We had no interest in killing them, watching them watch us was much more interesting. Also I have always been interested in observing the movements and rhythms of nature and the feeling of becoming at one with natural activities, especially at night.

So there we stand in this turbulent black night and I inhale deep and cut loose with the predator call. Now for those not familiar with night hunting, a predator call is a hand-held device that uses a reed to generate sounds similar to those in musical wind instruments like the clarinet, saxophone etc. The call looks like what is seen on the Duck Dynasty reality show with the main difference between duck calls and predator calls is that the reeds being made by the Robertson boys are tuned to simulate the sounds of ducks. The predator call reed is tuned to replicate the sound of a rabbit in distress so when it is blown the sound is like a dinner bell to any small game predator like a fox or coyote, bobcat, hawk or owl that happens to be in the neighborhood. It makes a horrible screeching sound that can be heard from a great distance and will attract any predator within hearing distance that is on the prowl for a midnight snack. That screech still hung in the air when a sound like I’d never heard before erupted from the shadowed tree line in front of us and filled the air. It slammed into each of us like an explosive shock wave and we were actually forced to take a step backward.

Loud and fierce with the shadows even darker between the pulses of lightning that danced above our heads like minions from hell. Whatever it was it had to be very big. Then within seconds, it roared again and still a third time. I thought at first it was a cougar, a very pissed cougar, and my next thought was that my trusty old 12 gauge double ugly was sitting safe and serene back at the jeep while I was standing in the middle of nowhere in the dark, pretending to be an item on the bottom of the primal food chain. I abandoned the cougar theory almost immediately because it didn’t really sound like any cougar I had ever heard before and if it had been a cougar that was that close and that big it would have already been on top of us.

Whatever it was, the unearthly howl made my skin crawl and seemed to become a presence that encircled all around us. As I turned towards Betz all I saw was the black on black shape of his back as he turned and started to double time back to the jeep and I was left standing by myself in the dark, for about a heartbeat.

I didn’t know ol’ Betz could run that fast and I’m not sure where we were on the road back to the jeep when I passed him but I had the engine cranked up and running before he even opened his door. I looked at him as he looked at me and as if on cue we both said at the same time “what the hell was that”?

That hunt was over. Of course we blamed it on the approaching storm. Whatever had made the sound was big, but if it wasn’t a cougar, what was it? The years passed and the incident remained in its own corner of curious memories in my head that was only discussed between Betz and me when we were by ourselves and under the chaperone of alcohol. Fast forward many, many years to present day and I’m watching some documentary about the Bigfoot phenomena that included an audio of what was supposed to be a Bigfoot vocalization and bingo there it was again. I don’t know what made the sound on the audio but it was almost exactly what we had heard that night long ago.

Do I believe in a Bigfoot creature? The quick and easy answer is no, however I’ve seen too much and heard too much in remote wilderness areas for me to completely rule out the possibility……of anything. I’m reminded of the answer the late Carl Sagan gave when asked if he believed in other beings, similar to ourselves, existing throughout the galaxies. He said (paraphrasing now) that “I have never seen physical proof that other life forms exist anywhere in the universe, but if that proof of their existence is discovered in the future, I would not be surprised”.

We hunted up there for many years after that night and never heard it again.

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