Posted by: paywindow7 | June 25, 2014

Earth’s Music

As noted more than once in this collection of stuff I call a blog, I think the Laws of Physics rock. Most everything we do involves some aspect of natural law and those forces still sing in a voice that has existed before there were ears to hear it.

Even With all of the glitter and glare of the technical toys and gadgetry our culture seems addicted to, we are all still pieces of God’s star stuff connected to the universe, our home planet and each other in a common bond and chorus. We hear, we feel it in earth sounds. Wind, rain, the roar of fast flowing rivers and surging tides. The rumble of earthmoving quakes that created the mountains and pushed the peaks skyward still echo within planet Earth.

The paraphrasing above is part of a quote from “Blue Shoe” written by Anne Lamott. I found that quote on a site I recommend called “The Journey Continues” by musical artist Laura Bruno Lilly. Her post is called “The Dance of the Didgeridoo” so do yourself a favor and go check this one out. Laura has included links to didgeridoo music that captures the song of planet Earth.

The sound of the didgeridoo has always fascinated me and I never understood why until I read the words written by Anne Lamott. There is something primal in the sound of that hand made echo chamber that is the didgeridoo. That sound, that is like no other, is gut felt to me as it feels and transmits the flow of energy that is…us.

I felt a connection to the ancients during solo treks into wilderness areas many years ago and again later when flying airplanes. Why would I feel that connection when flying? Especially since I’m the one who wrote “Flying, An Unnatural Act”, because the forces keeping that chunk of iron and it’s driver airborne are physics 101. Naturally.

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