Posted by: paywindow7 | August 25, 2015

On the road again,,,

The predawn light outlines the mountain peaks to the east while the view out the drivers side window to the west is still in shadow. I’m sitting in the drive way of a truck stop about to head out onto the highway and behind me the lights are bright and I can here some of the semi’s cranking up. I’ve just refueled the truck , had an early breakfast and now trying to decide do I turn right or go left. The road here is straight as a string 40 miles in both directions and each way leads to mountains. I love mountains.

There is no traffic in sight and I listen to the muted rumble of the engine in my pickup and a deep feeling of freedom takes hold. I hit the CD player on and crank the sounds of ZZ Top to eleven. I pull straight ahead onto the highway and as I cross the center line I turn. Which way?  Makes no difference.

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