Posted by: paywindow7 | July 9, 2011

Night Flight

The night has always held a certain fascination for me with the observation of the night sky of particular interest. Whether it was as a kid sitting on my grandfathers back porch steps hours before dawn while the rest of the household was still asleep or later while flying a Navy patrol plane over a Caribbean or Mid-Atlantic wilderness, or even later until now sitting in the outback on a crisp fall evening feeling the movement and energy of the natural world around me the feeling of wonder and amazement was always the same.

Amazed at the vast expanse of it all and the powerful yet invisible natural forces that seem to hold it all together in a static display. But it’s not static, it’s moving. Moving and changing constantly at speeds that can be calculated but not comprehended. I’ve read accounts written by others that they feel small and insignificant when making observations of that natural world…Not me. It makes me feel aware, attuned. That I’m a part of all that. That I’m a card-carrying, dues paying member of it all and when those ancient genes rise to the surface God has granted me license to feel what it’s like to be a million years old. Though our modern culture doesn’t use those instincts any more, they’re still there and I like ’em.

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