Posted by: paywindow7 | August 25, 2015

Cowardly Acts

A recurring horror in our culture is the attack by a heavily armed assailant on a group of unarmed, unsuspecting non-combatants including children. In any language that’s a cowardly act and yet it’s not called cowardly by media reporters or even the police. The word coward seems to have disappeared from our language. The media uses words like terrorist, shooter or, as in one instance after the Aurora Colorado atrocity, warrior. That foul piece of excrement isn’t a warrior, you couldn’t melt him and pour him onto a battle field.

When the media, whose work is no longer journalistic, does their word dance to describe these cowards the others out there like them get the idea that if they perform a similar foul act the media will smear their face and name on the TV screen, and they do.

We have an increasing segment of our society that are weak and needy and desperate to gain, even for a moment, some public image or recognition. The media has the bully pulpit which is the most powerful communications venue in history and it bears the responsibility to identify those perpetrators for what they are, loathsome.

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